The doorman service falls within the competence of the unarmed security operator, who carries out control activities on moveable and immovable assets by carrying out a deterrent action against theft, damage and other criminal or vandalism acts against structures.

Security protocols, codified behaviour over time and experience, allow our operators to secure areas accessible to the public such as, warehouses, shops, large shopping centres, public and private companies or condominiums or individual homes, verifying the identity of people accessing the affected areas, checking the mail and checking goods.

Do you need an access control and doorman management service? If so, we can help you!

BBS SECURITY is able to offer you a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our operators are adequately trained and able to interact with all management systems for access control, burglar alarm, fire protection, video surveillance, they are passionate and motivated to perform any task, with the aim of providing the best service and assistance to customers.

Our versatility and experience extends to customers who run nightclubs, pubs, wine bars, international research campuses, theatres and prestigious institutional locations.

Experience, confidentiality and reliability

Our work team consists of highly specialized staff, already belonging to prestigious investigative offices of the State Police (Criminalpol Lombardy, Flying Squad of Milan – Organized Crime Section and Capture Section, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate of Milan), and responds in a confidential, transparent and effective manner to every request for information, investigations, control and protection.

All BBS SECURITY operators attend professional refresher courses every year at institutions accredited by the training system of the Lombardy Region and are assigned to carry out the relevant services according to precise personal, ethical and professional characteristics that determine their ability and reliability.

If you need to preside over a place with certified staff and you need an efficient and effective service, consult the real professionals: our agency specializes in access control and doorman management services.  

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Do you need staff for access control and doorman management?
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Do you need personnel for access control and concierge management? BBS SECURITY is the solution you are looking for. Among our employees, we have an experienced team that can guarantee a complete service.

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