BBS SECURITY, an investigative agency in Milan that operates throughout the national territory, specializing in Electronic and Environmental Debugging, provides an all-round service for homes, offices, vehicles or devices such as computers and mobile phones.

The investigative agency operates in great security and confidentiality: if you think someone may be spying on you, BBS SECURITY is the solution for you. We can detect and neutralize the possible presence of environmental bugs/microphones, micro-cameras, digital recorders, spy software or satellite locators, so that you can make the environment where you live a safe and private place.

Do you think your environments are not totally secure? If so, we can help you solve the problem!

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Unfortunately, nowadays any individual can easily intercept another person’s communications using a multitude of technological devices purchased online, which can reach up to the size of a few centimetres and be easily hidden.

Many people think that the only devices used to track information are environmental bugs, but they are wrong. The peculiarity of the bug is that you can listen to and record all the sounds, noises and especially the conversations that take place within the range of the bug, but there are also other devices of more everyday use.

In addition to the environmental bugs, there are other widespread interception devices including:

  • Telephone type bugs, capable of intercepting conversations along telephone lines.

  • Hidden video cameras, capable of secretly filming gestures, conversations and meetings.

All of these devices have the advantage of being able to take advantage of the latest mobile technologies, such as GSM, UMTS 3G and 4G/LTE mobile networks, thus transmitting intercepted audio at almost unlimited distances.

In collaboration with experts in the field, we carry out technical investigations (electronic and environmental debugging) with the help of state-of-the-art equipment, identifying the presence of environmental and/or telephone “bugs”, passive microphones and hidden micro-cameras, in premises and/or cars.

Experience, confidentiality and reliability

Our work team consists of highly specialized staff, already belonging to prestigious investigative offices of the State Police (Criminalpol Lombardy, Flying Squad of Milan – Organized Crime Section and Capture Section, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate of Milan), and responds in a confidential, transparent and effective manner to every request for information, investigations, control and protection.

All BBS SECURITY operators attend professional refresher courses every year at institutions accredited by the training system of the Lombardy Region and are assigned to carry out the relevant services according to precise personal, ethical and professional characteristics that determine their ability and reliability.

If you think someone is spying on you through micro-technology, contact the professionals: our investigative agency specializes in electronic and environmental debugging.

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Over the years, experience has taught us that the cases where environmental debugging is necessary can be varied and different from each other, but if you find yourself in one of the following situations, you should pay more attention:

  • You perform a profession that involves knowing the confidential information of your clients, such as lawyer or accountant.
  • You are a legal practitioner, such as a magistrate or officers of the Police Forces.
  • You are politically committed.
  • You have a position of responsibility in the public administration.
  • A case is pending before the Court or another judicial body.
  • A relative, friend or acquaintance has been criminally accused, is under arrest etc …
  • You are engaged in separation or divorce proceedings.
  • You have activated an insurance policy on your life.

BBS SECURITY provides you with experienced and authorized investigators. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Request a free consultation: Send your case online or by phone to talk to a recruiting Officer. Your recruiting agent will help you understand if and how a private investigator can obtain the desired result and the likely cost of your case.
  2. Connect with your investigator: After a private investigator has taken your case, he will contact you to discuss the specific details and objectives of your case.
  3. Investigation in progress: Once approved by you, your investigator will begin the investigation. At the centre of any investigation into electronic and environmental debugging is the direct search of the suspicious environment. Due to the nature of these investigations, cases usually begin with a minimum of 10 hours of investigation time.
  4. Case updates and final report: Your private investigator will keep you informed of all important developments during the investigation and will provide you with a final written report summarizing all the results of the investigation.

Furthermore, your private investigator may be available to testify in court if necessary and if agreed at the beginning of the investigation.Privacy and discretion is a top priority and therefore all communications between customers and investigators will be kept strictly confidential.

Do you suspect someone is spying on you?
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Do you need private investigation services? BBS SECURITY is the solution you have been looking for. Among our collaborators, we boast a team of experienced investigators able to guarantee a complete service.

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