When we talk about patrimonial investigations we refer to specific information reports aimed at the tracing movable or immovable assets owned by a person or company, whether they are within the national territory or abroad. Patrimonial tracing represent real economic-financial investigations necessary to assess the real financial situation of an employee, collaborator, partner or unfaithful client, giving the possibility of immediate recovery in presence of incorrect behaviour that put the good trend of company policies at risk.

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Indagini Patrimoniali

As these procedures are extremely sensitive, especially in relation to sensitive data, tracing operations can be very complex and require the consultation of specific archives, property and mortgage registries in order to trace the assets in possession of person or business.

BBS SECURITY operates in great security and confidentiality and in compliance with privacy regulations through the collection and in-depth analysis of the following information:

  • analysis of financial statements with identification of assets or economic interests;
  • tracing debtors and creditors
  • tracing the job position as a second job (mainly found in the activity of dynamic observation of the person to be monitored);
  • analysis of the consistency of real estate (nationally) and burdens of the state
  • search for registered movable goods nationwide
  • search for job orders or contracts related to the debtor (construction sites, provision of services, contracts, etc.)
  • analysis of business registrations aimed at verifying shareholdings, corporate offices in companies registered in the national field;
  • search for any protests and insolvency proceedings against the debtor;
  • search for vehicle registrations (work vehicles, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, etc.)
  • verification of any banking relationships (mainly found in the activity of dynamic observation of individuals aimed at demonstrating their relationships with banks and/or other similar entities or through the collection of information from public sources concerning legal entities.

BBS SECURITY also supplements the discreet and confidential investigative activity with the direct legal and fiscal assistance, guaranteed by qualified and recognized professionals in the sector, our partners.

Experience, confidentiality and reliability

Our work team consists of highly specialized staff, already belonging to prestigious investigative offices of the State Police (Criminalpol Lombardy, Flying Squad of Milan – Organized Crime Section and Capture Section, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate of Milan), and responds in a confidential, transparent and effective manner to every request for information, investigations, control and protection.

All BBS SECURITY operators attend professional refresher courses every year at institutions accredited by the training system of the Lombardy Region and are assigned to carry out the relevant services according to precise personal, ethical and professional characteristics that determine their ability and reliability.

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Patrimonial investigations can prove useful when faced with the need to bring to light all tangible and intangible assets held by a company or private individual, especially if the latter is a non-paying debtor.

If you intend to take legal action, it is essential that the defence lawyer is aware of any assets on which you can take action to settle the outstanding debt.

When, on the other hand, the non-paying debtor is represented by a bankrupt company, it may be useful to find out if the company has other assets on which it will be possible to claim for part or all of the amount due.

Even in the case of debt collection, patrimonial investigations could prove very useful because, if the debtor is in possession of assets that he/she could lose, he/she will be more inclined to pay off the outstanding credit so as not to have them taken away.

In the course of the patrimonial investigations all the assets in possession of the person or of the company are examined, with the aim of tracing any possible assets constituting the debtor’s standard of living.

Assets taken into consideration and examined during patrimonial investigations include:

  • Availability of income derived from employment or INPS pension
  • Current accounts in Italy or abroad in the name of the debtor
  • Property of real estate, such as houses, apartments, land, business premises
  • Management of possible business activities (even if in partnership with other people)
  • Possession of cars, motorcycles or other luxury transport assets (boats or aircraft)
  • Participation in companies in Italy or abroad with stocks, shares, offices and qualifications
  • Enrolment in professional registers or associations.

Once you have determined whether or not the debtor has sufficient movable or immovable assets to pay off the debt, it will be possible to take legal action aimed at recovering the unpaid sum. All this with the aim of avoiding starting expensive proceedings in case there is not complete certainty of obtaining the balance of the amount due previously.

BBS SECURITY provides you with experienced and authorized investigators. Here’s how the process works:

  • Request a free consultation: Send your case online or by phone to talk to a recruiting Officer. Your recruiting agent will help you understand if and how a private investigator can obtain the desired result and the likely cost of your case.
  • Connect with your investigator: After a private investigator has taken your case, he will contact you to discuss the specific details and objectives of your case.
  • Investigation in progress: Once approved by you, your investigator will begin the investigation. Investigators can investigate the person or company of interest as necessary and within the scope of the investigation and gather photographic and/or video evidence. Due to the nature of these investigations, cases usually begin with a minimum of 10 hours of investigation time.
  • Case updates and final report: Your private investigator will keep you informed of all important developments during the investigation and will provide you with a final written report summarizing all the results of the investigation.

Furthermore, your private investigator may be available to testify in court if necessary and if agreed at the beginning of the investigation. Privacy and discretion is a top priority and therefore all communications between customers and investigators will be kept strictly confidential.

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