The newly hired employee always represents an unknown factor in the general economy of every company or work organization, especially if the profile to be chosen is to be included in organizational and responsibility roles. The pre-employment investigation involves the collection of information about the person to be hired, thanks in part to a system of public databases that can be consulted that allow to expand the array of information necessary to confirm the reliability of the curriculum (verification of previous work activities, financial problems, protests, and prejudicial matters) and trace a more complete profile of the candidate.

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The activity can begin as early as the selection process, providing the assistance of an experienced psychologist to understand if the candidate is lying. The recruiter indicates the questions they want answered during the interview and the aspects of the curriculum to be ascertained.

When the candidate has actually passed the first interview and the curriculum has been checked, BBS SECURITY’s private investigator will check the candidate’s background and integrity, checking the candidate’s current marital and criminal status, his/her economic situation and the environment in which he/she resides. At the end of the investigation, the investigators will draw up a report in which the true profile of the candidate will be drawn up, indicating whether he/she is a person who is lying or a valid support for the company in question.

The experience and professionalism gained over the years at the service of the State Police, compliance with the code of ethics and company policy, allows the BBS SECURITY Investigative Team to deal with each case in a rigorous and objective way, without exposing the customer to any disputes or unlawful processing of data.

BBS SECURITY also supplements the discreet and confidential investigative activity with the direct legal assistance, guaranteed by qualified and recognized professionals in the sector, our partners.

Experience, confidentiality and reliability

Our work team consists of highly specialized staff, already belonging to prestigious investigative offices of the State Police (Criminalpol Lombardy, Flying Squad of Milan – Organized Crime Section and Capture Section, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate of Milan), and responds in a confidential, transparent and effective manner to every request for information, investigations, control and protection.

All BBS SECURITY operators attend professional refresher courses every year at institutions accredited by the training system of the Lombardy Region and are assigned to carry out the relevant services according to precise personal, ethical and professional characteristics that determine their ability and reliability.

If you need an investigation to evaluate candidates for future recruitment in your company, contact the professionals: our investigative agency specializes in pre-employment investigations. We will help you find the ideal candidate.

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At a time when it is increasingly difficult to find a new job, people tend to “inflate” their curriculum to stand out from the crowd and try to get the job they want. Fortunately, in most cases, conducting an interview with the candidate who has used these subterfuges is enough to realize his actual skills.

However, sometimes the truth is well hidden and it is not even detectable during an initial cognitive phase. It is precisely in this case that BBS SECURITY intervenes, carrying out a pre-employment investigation to verify if all the main information in the curriculum vitae is in line with reality.

Aware that your recruitment process needs to be completed as quickly as possible, BBS SECURITY proceeds with the utmost seriousness and speed in order to avoid wasting time.

To do this, customers provide all the information they have about the candidate they wish to hire – curriculum vitae, copies of diplomas, book, letters of recommendation, references – thus allowing them to shorten the time and move on to the essential, so that the pre-employment investigation can proceed as quickly as possible.

BBS SECURITY provides you with experienced and authorized investigators. Here’s how the process works:

  • Request a free consultation: Send your case online or by phone to talk to a recruiting Officer. Your recruiting agent will help you understand if and how a private investigator can obtain the desired result and the likely cost of your case.
  • Connect with your investigator: After a private investigator has taken your case, he will contact you to discuss the specific details and objectives of your case.
  • Investigation in progress: it starts with basic information, such as name, address, and date of birth. If the person lies about basic information that he/she usually doesn’t need to fake, he/she may be capable of anything! We then move on to his/her academic background to see if he/she has done the studies declared and whether he/she has obtained the diplomas mentioned in the CV. The subject may also have lied about his previous work experience, including a role with higher responsibilities in his/her CV in order to request a higher salary. In this case, if you have any suspicions about the candidate who applied for the position offered, we will verify by contacting the different companies that presumably hired him/her, to see if they actually did and find out exactly what position was held. BBS SECURITY takes care to check if the dates mentioned correspond to reality. This allows you to check the type of contract in the company (a three-month internship is not the same as a permanent contract), but also to highlight a possible period of inactivity or unemployment not indicated in the CV.
  • Case updates and final report: Your private investigator will keep you informed of all important developments during the investigation and will provide you with a final written report summarizing all the results.

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