During adolescence, your children may start behaving strangely. This is because with the transition from childhood to adulthood, young people are faced with different psychophysical transformations, which can mark their lives forever. School performance below expectations, limited dialogue at home and rejection of responsibilities within the household, sudden change of habits and friendships, delays and excuses lacking credibility can be a very important signal of a difficult phase involving your son/daughter.

Do you think your son/daughter is not totally honest with you? If so, we can help you solve the problem!

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Faced with the doubt of misconduct or even illegal behaviour every parent clashes with the reality of the facts that he/she often does not want to see. Addressing the issue immediately, through the acquisition of precise and timely investigative evidence that prove the validity of suspicions, can be useful to make even the children aware of their mistakes and to create a starting point on which to build a new relationship of trust.

BBS SECURITY offers investigation services to monitor young people and minors, thus providing evidence of what the teenager is really doing, and provides you with a team of professionals who can carefully and confidentially assist you at every stage of the investigation providing you with all the video-photographic proof necessary to demonstrate the evidence of the facts relating to your children’s behaviours and habits.

A professional will assist you with total delicacy and understanding of your pain and guide you at all times on how to deal with the case. Our investigators will provide you with all the necessary evidence, both photographic and video, to prove the reality and prevent your son/daughter from getting into serious trouble. Only you and we will know about the investigation carried out in such a way that anonymity will be one of the fundamental pillars that will support all the investigation.

BBS SECURITY also supplements the discreet and confidential investigative activity with direct legal and psychological assistance, guaranteed by qualified and recognized professionals in the sector, our partners.

Investigations against bullying

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The common characteristic of the bully is the constant pursuit of the pleasure of dominating another person, implementing prevaricating behaviour based on threats and harassment. The bully almost always manages to get the better of weak subjects that, under the first vexatious action, clam up and rarely manage to express their discomfort externally.

If you want to verify the real existence of a problem of bullying, it is possible to carry out an investigation without the knowledge of the potential victim, observing him/her at a reasonable distance and documenting any aggressive and violent behaviour towards the subject.

On the other hand, when the victim is made aware of the activity carried out in advance, in addition to the fundamental activity of observation and documentation at a distance of the abuse suffered, it will be possible to equip the minor with audio/video equipment capable of documenting these episodes live.

Experience, confidentiality and reliability

Our work team consists of highly specialized staff, already belonging to prestigious investigative offices of the State Police (Criminalpol Lombardy, Flying Squad of Milan – Organized Crime Section and Capture Section, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate of Milan), and responds in a confidential, transparent and effective manner to every request for information, investigations, control and protection.

All BBS SECURITY operators attend professional refresher courses every year at institutions accredited by the training system of the Lombardy Region and are assigned to carry out the relevant services according to precise personal, ethical and professional characteristics that determine their ability and reliability.

If you think your son/daughter may have gotten into some kind trouble, contact the professionals: our investigative agency specializes in investigations for youths and minors.

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On many occasions, parents have turned to our investigative agency in Milan to look for answers to their questions, not knowing how to manage the problem and being on the verge of despair.

The problem is that most of the time, not knowing what is happening to the boy/girl means that no action can be taken. Often nothing is happening and the cause of the change of behaviour is only the transition to adolescence, but it may also be that behind his/her behaviour terrible acts that need a quick response from parents are hidden.

Our investigative agency in Milan will be able to provide parents with the necessary tools to free themselves from doubts: in our investigative work in the control of minors we move under the principles of great professional secrecy, rigour, speed and seriousness.

BBS SECURITY specializes in youth control investigations, nowadays very frequent given the multitude of parents who contact us with the aim of solving a doubtful situation in which they are immersed.

Our agency has a team of professionals who are dedicated exclusively to carrying out this type of investigation with total efficiency and discretion. If you need to know what your son or daughter does from the time he/she leaves the house until he/she returns, we can help you: BBS SECURITY will guide you on how to deal with this situation, in addition to successfully carrying out the investigation.

BBS SECURITY provides you with experienced and authorized investigators. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Request a free consultation: send your case online or by phone to talk to a recruiting officer. Your recruiting agent will help you understand if and how a private investigator can obtain the desired result and the likely cost of your case.
  2. Connect with your investigator: after a private investigator has taken your case, he will contact you to discuss the specific details and objectives of your case. You should be ready to answer questions like:
    • How long has your son/daughter been behaving strangely?
    • What makes you believe that he/she may have problems?
    • Do you know with he/she interacts with outside the home?
    • When do you want the investigation to start?
  3. Investigation in progress: once approved by you, your investigator will begin the investigation. At the centre of any youth control investigation is the direct surveillance of the designated person. Investigators can follow the person of interest as necessary and within the scope of the investigation and gather photographic and/or video evidence. Due to the nature of these investigations, cases usually begin with a minimum of 10 hours of investigation time.
  4. Case updates and final report: your private investigator will keep you informed of all important developments during the surveillance investigation and will provide you with a final written report summarizing all the results of the investigation.

Furthermore, your private investigator may be available to testify in court if necessary and if agreed at the beginning of the investigation. Privacy and discretion is a top priority and therefore all communications between customers and investigators will be kept strictly confidential.

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Do you need private investigation services? BBS SECURITY is the solution you have been looking for. Among our collaborators, we boast a team of experienced investigators able to guarantee a complete service.

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